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WebpageStudent Contract for Computer Use



Internet Research

I have the opportunity to use the Internet for learning and research. By using the Internet, I will have information and resources available to me to increase my knowledge and increase my computer skills in researching a topic.

  1. I know that I will use all of the safe websites my teacher has selected first. If I need to use a search engine I will ask my teacher first so she will be able to supervise me.

  2. I will only use safe search engines like: Kiddle, Kidrex, and teacher selected websites to obtain information that is available on the Internet.

  1. Even though the sites available are filtered/safe, we are aware that some information available on the Internet may or may not be appropriate for me such as a pop-up ad. I will close all pop-up ads and tell my teacher.

  1. If I end up in a wrong area accidentally, I will take responsibility immediately by docking it and contacting a teacher immediately.

  1. I will research only the topics for my assignment. I will not research other topics that are not part of my assignment or inappropriate language or inappropriate topics.

  1. I know that if there is any sign of, or even the suspicion of, entering inappropriate areas intentionally, or using another student’s login for researching inappropriate topics, I will lose my computer privileges and my parents will be informed of my choices.


  1. By signing this contract, I am agreeing to learn in a responsible manner how to use this technology to increase my knowledge of the world and technology and to follow all rules for technology use.


  1. I agree to be a responsible Leader in my use of the Internet.



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