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Second Grade May 2016






  TECH Teacher 

TECH Student













 New Mexico Facts



Kiddle a visual search engine and

websites to find information about NM



PowerPoint to summarize New Mexico




a powerPoint of New Mexico











NETS: National Educational Tech Standards

 UNIT Goal: NM powerpoint presentation


external image useit.jpg

Technology Operations and Concepts

Students will learn how to use the basic tools in , Powerpoint

Research and Information Fluency 

Kiddle search engine

external image makeit.jpg

Creativity and Innovation

TSW  create a PowerPoint project on NM














Learning Sequence:


Example of a completed PowerPoint


For April 18th

Continue working on the PowerPoint slides as a whole group....




Review contents of Livebinder.

4. Review the links on the student side on Livebinder. 




  • Download the PowerPoint from the livebinder. It should be the first category on the livebinder.




  •  Present Powerpoint of NM show the first three slides 

  • While presenting the PowerPoint to students show how 

each slide has image and information that match.Student 

will use no more than 3 sentences for each symbol slide 

(Main Idea, Detail, evidence)


  • Do the first research slide with them on the whiteboard before dismissing.

PowerPoint Slide:

New Mexico Facts

what is the capital of New Mexico

what is the population of New Mexico


  • Use the livebinder category New Mexico Facts and the info should be right there on that first page of livebinder.


  • Review how they can use Search Engine: Kiddle 

 Discuss digital Citizenship only after asking teacher



Send Students to Computers:

Do the following all together as you walk them through these steps.

1. Download the NM PowerPoint template. Make sure they save correctly to

    their network folders.

  • Download PowerPoint
  • File Save As
  • Make sure the save as box says New Mexico Research
  • Scroll down until you see stu-drvs click on the words not drop down
  • You should see a computer icon and a Students folder below
  • Click on Students Folder
  • Click on the 014 folder in the new column
  • Click on the 02 Folder in new column
  • Click on student name folder
  • Click on save


2. TSW begin researching and completing the PowerPoint 








Student links we will use today:




Bar Graph Generator




Ms. Wilson's Class

Do you like red or green?  


Ms. Parmley

Do you like red or green?




Ms. Fisher

Do you like red or green?  


Ms. Sanchez

Do you like red or green?  
















Click here to open this binder in a new window.


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