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Fourth Grade May 2016





 TECH Teacher


 TECH Student








Table in Word




wax museum information

or dream vacation




external image useit.jpg

Technology Operations and Concepts 

Word technology tools:

(Table/columns/rows/FX formulas)



Learning Sequence


1. Have students login to computers.


2. OPen Word

  1. Click in your document to set the insertion cursor at the place where you want the new table to appear.

  2. Choose Table→Insert→Table.

  3. Enter the number of rows and columns you want in the appropriate text boxes.
  4. Initial Column Width: This defaults to Auto. When Auto is chosen, the table takes up as much room as is available in the document.




Go to Layout and click on Layout and the Fx symbol

this will give you the formula to add up your columns










Student Links for Today:



Google Safe Search for Kids





Google Junior









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