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Fourth Grade May 2018


Good morning you awesome, fantastic, fabulous class!














May 14-18

Scratch only no makey makey...Take your makey makeyziplock bags home.


Work in your scratch accounts on your own original game. You can work with your own buddies but you must take turns with the mouse.





I can
I can
circuits with a variety of conductors using a MakeyMakey controller 
I can
Scratch programming language to create unique projects 

Questions to answer:

What makes a good conductor?

Can you explain an open and closed circuit?


  1. Review a circuit
  2. Have students discuss vocabulary ( open/closed circuit, switch) and see if they brought what they thought would make good conductors.... 
  3. Review the steps on how to use the Makey Makey


Step 1: In order to complete this project, you will need a Makey Makey Kit

In your kit you will find:

  • 1 USB cable
  • 7 alligator clips and 6 jumper/connector wires
  • Makey Makey Board
  • Illustrated instruction guide

Step 2: Begin by plugging in the small side of the USB cable into the Makey Makey Board, and the other end of the USB cable to your computer.


Step 3: Upon connecting the Makey Makey to your laptop/computer, you may receive a pop up message that asks you to install other drives or do a different set up. Simply ignore the message and close out that window.

Step 4: Connect to “Earth” aka homebase by clipping any of the alligator clips to the front, bottom side of the Makey Makey board.


Step 5:Connect to yourself by holding the other end of that alligator clip. You are now officially “grounded” or connected to your Makey Makey.


Step 6: As you can see, you have the ability to connect your alligator clips to the arrows, your space bar, or as a mouse clip.


Step 7:Why don’t we try connecting to the Space Bar first. Grab another wire and hook one side of the alligator clip to the Space. Ground yourself to “Earth” again (make an aluminum foil bracelet for your wrist). Now, attach the alligator clips on the wire that is connected to the space bar. When you are touching both earth and space bar clips, you should see a green light on your Makey Makey Board, and your computer should be recognizing your touch as the space bar. Refer to the pictures below for help.

Step 8:Connect more of the alligator clips to your Makey Makey Board. It may be difficult to juggle all of these alligator clips in your hands, so connect the other end of the alligator clips to an object that conducts electricity. This is where you experiment and find out what is a good



First week:

First, watch this video to give you some background knowledge.

Makes Makey Intro video 


As a class, I will demonstrate this and then use bananas as the conductors. We will then have everyone in the class connect by hand and try playing the banana bongos to demonstrate conductors.

Go to Makey Makey (Bongos)


Second Week:

Students will bring in what they think will be good conductors and in buddy teams they will do Challenge Card #1 and if time allows Challenge Card #2

Students will begin by opening a Scratch account and then plugging into their computers.

Third Week:

Continue with the Challenge Cards!




3-PS2-3: Ask questions to determine cause and effect relationships of electric or magnetic interactions between two objects not in contact with each other.

4-PS3-2: Make observations to provide evidence that energy can be transferred from place to place by sound, light, heat, and electric currents.

HS-PS3-3: Design, build, and refine a device that works within given constraints to convert one form of energy into another form of energy.





In Tech Lab:


May 14-18

Scratch only no makey makey...Take your makey makeyziplock bags home.


Work in your scratch accounts on your own original game. You can work with your own buddies but you must take turns with the mouse.









Simple Circuit: To complete a simple circuit, you must create a loop for the electrons to flow.  So you need to get power from your power source to the LED and back to the power source. If you build a successful current, your light will shine! In this lab, you will create your own simple circuits with Makey Makey and once you've mastered that, you will create your own makey makey game!



Challenge 1:

Can you use people to complete the circuit?

Can you add people

to create your piano using scratch?

 The goal is to

find as many different conductors as possible to play your piano! Can you create a rhythm!



click on Makey Makey to get to your Scratch Project Challenges!

Challenge 2:


Create a Makey Makey Mario Game





Challenge 3:

Create a Makey Makey


Flappy Bird



Challenge 4:

One man band



Challenge 5:


Dance Revolution



Challenge 6:


PacMan #1





Challenge 7:

Using Scratch and

Makey Makey create

your own original



Challenge 8:


Using the design

process create your own

musical instrument using

makey makey. 








Ms. Sorensen



3Lily B/Alex










23Jada/Lily H



Mr. Garcia
















Ms. Vasquez


1 Brayden/Damian M

3 Jaekob/Chad

6 Emmery/Addi

7 Alyssa/Job

9 Bianka/Daphne

11 Oliver/Mr. Wagner

13 Jessie/Jonathan

15 Katy/Patricia

18 Felix/Jesus 

19 Jaysha/Miranda

21 Nici/Dominik

24 CJ/Marianna

25 Logan/Isabella 

27 Sarai/Milianah 


Ms. Carrasco


1 Danika/Aliyah

4 Carlo/Arianna

6 Chris/Hector

7 Jessica/Nayeli


11 Eduardo/Ryan/Johnathan

13 Jovahna/Lilly

15 Carys/Kadence P

17 Alexis/Cadence W

19 Freya/Azaiden

21 Emma/Abigail

23 Robby/Nathaniel

25 Diego/Ethan


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