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Third Grade May 2018



Good morning You awesome, fantastic, fabulous class!


 TECH Teacher 



 TECH Student





TSW do solar system special activities on the livebinder and google earth




external image useit.jpg

Technology Operations and Concepts 




Learning Sequence


1.You will have students go to Livebinder and do the "special activities" section of the livebinder. (Some of the NASA sections may or may not be blocked.)


2. Direct students to go to applications folder on their docks and open up Google earth. Show them that they can do to google sky, mars, or moon.



The students will go to Livebinder on Solar System and do "special" activities!



Click here to open this binder in a new window.



Student Links for next week:


The Aquarium series


Aquarium of Niagra




The students will work on the "SPECIAL ACTIVITIES"






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