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Kindergarten January 2020










Click here for the lesson before you dismiss students to computers. Hand out student login cards.









Learning Goal:



Have students use Safari instead of Firefox today


I can 


to story about Snowflake Bentley the first person to photograph snowflakes

I can 


the characteristics of a snowflake

I can 









Snow Days



 Snowflake Builder


 Make a Snow Flake




Make a SnowMan






Lesson Sequence:



Readaloud on Snowflake BentleySnowflake Bentley(wmv)


What does a snowflake look like? Let's watch BrainPop Snowflakes


password: brainpop


Bitesize Science:Snowflakes  


 Where do Snowflakes come from?

5. Let's take a look at real snowflakes! Snowflakes!
Snowflake Photo Gallery!
6. Go over the student websites above to show students how to use and return to this page.    



Lesson if there is no technology!





Click here for the lesson before you dismiss students to computers. Hand out student login cards or do as a whole class or as a teacher directed station.





2. Hopscotch Coding

3. Robot Turtle Game

4. SnowFlakes

5. Snowman

6. BeeBots







Tech Lab Respect Agreements


Respect each other’s learning and space!

Support each other’s learning

Ask before you take someone’s mouse.

Be Kind with words and actions

Be Honest 

Listen to each other

Talk one at a time

Be Humble

No bad attitude

Treat each other kindly and equally –everyone is your friend 

Respect each other’s work



Treat us like family-care about each of us…and respect us!

Treat us all equally-no favorites-Treat all of us like your favorites

Be Kind

Be honestif I am having a tough day….warn us if you don’t have coffee!

Listen to both sides of the story

Apologize if needed

Be awesome, fantastic, fabulous







Active listening while I teach…

Raise your hand

One person talking at a time

Be Kind with words and actions

Be Honest even if it is hard…

Be on the assigned website at all times.

Be in charge of yourself! No Mini Me's.

Use safe search tools correctly.

Persevere! I can’t do it ----YET


Take care of our tech!

Use tech the right way!






Tech Teacher

Tech Lesson Sequence at Smartboard


First teacher will greet students with: "Good morning you awesome, fantastic, fabulous, class!" 

1. Have students sit in front of Smartboard.

2. Review the definition of coding.

3. Review the 3 areas of coding: Playspace/ToolBox/Workspace

4. Review Commands and Repeat Loops

5. This week use "Kodable" as the example code.Go over login for class as a whole group.


Tech Lesson at the Computer


First, the student will login with:

Second, the student will  go to Firefox and Monte vista tech lab website and to their grade level for tech lesson.


At the Computers:

1. Have students buddy up to differentiate skill levels. (techpro/techpal). Have students work with their buddies to solve the coding puzzles.

2. For those students who still need small group instruction can stay at the board with me as I continue working on the puzzles, allowing students to go to individual computers as they are ready.

3. Second graders can have a wide range of levels in coding, so the students who have mastered can move to the next level and those who need more practice or need the puzzles read to them will go to the practice codes. 





***Final 5 minutes before Dismissal

First, the teacher will stop lesson by stating WWW. and students respond with Zip it. com

Second teacher will say: Red dot close, close tabs, Firefox quit, Apple logout, logout

Shortcut: Comm

and Q



Shortcut: Shift Command Q

Third, the students will push chairs in and teacher will line up students one row at a time.





  • ISTE1d Students understand the fundamental concepts of technology operations,
  • demonstrate the ability to choose, use and troubleshoot current technologies
  • and are able to transfer their knowledge to explore emerging technologies.       


ISTE4d Students exhibit a tolerance for ambiguity, perseverance and the capacity to work with open-ended problems.    


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