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First Grade February 2020







Substitute Lesson Plans for March 2-5th


*** Dr. Seuss for Dr. Seuss week... There are several videos on desktop including Horton Hears a Who...

a. The Sneetches/ Yertle the Turtle/Green Eggs & ham/and Horton Hears a Who (full movie)

Learning Goal:

You can show any of these today. I have given you several choices as all of our technology has not been reliable.

You have three choices:

      • Digital Citizenship Videos or
      • Storyline Online Videos or
      • Magic Schoolbus gets Programmed

1. Digital Citizenship

     Classic NetSmarz Videos (scroll down the page)

2. Storyline Online

If I ran for President

          or this one If I ran for President

3. Magic School Bus gets Programmed








Click here for the lesson before you dismiss students to computers. 






If no technology/computers do Kodables with whole class



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