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Monte Vista Tech Lab Schedule



Tech Lab Schedule







Substitute Procedures


Please find Tech Lab and Sub Plan Binders on table near the whiteboard.


1. Fire Drill Procedures

You will exit through the library. Take the red fire drill bag hanging on door with you out through the library and go to the side walk have students walk on the red bus line until they get to the trees. Librarian will take the walkie talkie and check for an all clear. Make sure you give attendance numbers  through the walkie talkie and then send numbers to the office.


Lockdown is the same except you will go to the library back bookroom. Lockdown procedures are in sub plans and in techlab plans on table under whiteboard.


2.You will be using the ProBoard on the center of the room– Use this login:    Username: mves Password: mves1234  


3. The Firefox webpage url address is: http://montevistatechlab.pbworks.com 

All plans are assigned by grade level under Tech lab resources. Tech lab schedule is there too. Each grade level has a minion icon and a grade level.


Tech Teacher is lesson and Tech Student section is for the student links.

Kindergarten through Second Grade Students will login




Students third through Fifth will login

with their lastnamefirstname and password is lcpsLunch#


Students will sit at carpet to listen to lesson then go to their assigned computers.



4. Once students have logged in they will go to Firefox and then to our homepage http://montevistatechlab.pbworks.com homepage and scroll down to individual grade levels for the lesson plan and student links for the day.



5. 8 minutes before time is over have students close out Firefox/Word then go to Apple icon and logout, logout. Shut down all computers including the Teacher Computer at the END of the day. Line up by computer number.


Thank you for subbing!





Back up Websites for students if lesson plans are too involved.

You can always have all students K-5 go to iStation on their docks (Math section is best)


Kindergarten and First Grade and Second Grade can go to Abcya.com  This is on the front page of this website!

Third through Fifth will go to: Grade Level Coding or code.org....This is also on the front page of website. All students can go to ABCYA...also.










































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