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Copy of March First Grade



March 4-11, 2011






Student Links for today:



Dinosaur Train: Video


Dinosaur Train: Field Guide


Dinosaur How big are you?




Draw, Write and Record your Dinosaur Story!


Draw your Dinosaur





Dino dig up bones


Dinosaur Hunt


Build a Dinosaur


Dinosaurs for Kids


Dinosaurs 101 National Geographic Video


Dinosaur Skeleton Jigsaw Puzzle


Making Dinosaur Fossils 


Dinosaur Mysteries 


Name that Dinosaur 



Content Objective:

NETS Standards

1. Research and Information Fluency: Students will find 3 facts about dinosaurs.

2. Collaboration: Students will work in pairs to find five

facts on one of the dinosaurs.

3. Technology Operations:  Little Bird Tales, Field Guide

Using a paint and drawing application

(kerpoof) the student will be able to use paint tools; draw, paint,

fill, use text, line, erase,

change color, font, etc. Using Little Bird Tales the students will draw, write and record their digital reports.

Language Objective:

Students will discuss what they know about dinosaurs.

Students will listen for, read and write five facts about a dinosaur.

Students will categorize the types of dinosaurs.

Students will record their digital stories.

Learning Sequence:

Week One:

Students will first tell what they know about dinosaurs (Brainstorm and write brainstorming session on Smartboard Notebook) building background knowledge.

Students will watch videos about the types of dinosaurs and add to the brainstorming chart on what they know

Students will go to the Dinosaur Train website and first go to video

Students will then go to the Field Guide and select a dinosaur and find facts, size and food for the dinosaur.

Students will then go to the How big are you? dinosaur train section and interact with the size of the various dinosaurs.

Two students at a time at the Smartboard writing a dinosaur sentence, while the rest of the class is on their individual laptops researching(finding information on dinosaurs).

Week Two:

Students will select one dinosaur to research from previous week's research.

Students will draw a dinosaur of their choosing on Little Bird Tales then write three research sentences then record their voices.....

Teacher will Embed into webpage.


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