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Second Grade December 2011



December 12-16, 2011







Tech Talk


Content objective:

1Technology Operations


2. Language Objective:TSW will discuss Traditions in their own homes for the holidays


3.Grouping: Large Group


4. Learning Sequence:    Christmas Celebrations

a. Ask students: Do they have traditions in their own homes? Special foods,do they open a gift on Christmas Eve? Do they celebrate Hannukah or do they not celbrate this holiday at all? compare and contrast their traditions...

b. Click on Christmas Livebinder Noteboook 

c. Begin with Brainpop on Winter Holidays


d. Listen to the Polar Express by Lou Diamond Phillips on storyonline


e. If time allows, check out Christmas Around the World or Christmas Games (they can also do these over the break)



Tech Lesson


The students will do the Christmas LIVEBINDER!



Christmas Livebinder




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