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Fifth Grade March 2013


March 4-21, 2013








Learning Goal:

Historical figure research project


This week:
TSW  PRACTICE home row keys

Search Engine to find information about topic

Boolean Operators:+Bio/+image/definition:/translate:

TSW USE Word to collect information on figure 
PowerPoint on research of historical figure



Unit Goal:

TSW research a historical figure who has impacted the world

TSW use one search engine and one content website to gather information.

TSW present with PowerPoint and Blabberize/Voki and Glogster


2. NETS Objective:

external image findit.jpg  Research and Information Fluency 

external image makeit.jpg



Creativity & Innovation


external image useit.jpg


Technology Operations:


Review Powerpoint 





1. Identify an historical figure (composer, inventor, president, artist, painter, explorer, etc.) 

2. Research their life 

a. Where is this historical figure from? 

b. What did they do to impact our world?

c. What are 5-7 interesting facts about this person?

(You may use a famous audio clip of music, speech, painting, invention, etc)

d. You can use the following websites to select an historical figure.


Historical Figures 

Historical Figures

You can also use a livebinder to have students select an historical figure. LiveBinders are an organizational notebook/binder that you can place all of your project's websites  online for your students.  Historical Figures Livebinder

3. Present historical figures to class 

a. Use PowerPoint (One slide per question) or Glogster login: (after they do PowerPoint) to present

b. Create a Voki character or Blabberize character to share interesting facts about historical figures. You may embed this into your PowerPoint or Glog or present as a stand-alone. See the examples below....





The students will do the following:



****Check new students for Fasttmath/AR/IXL



1. Keyboarding  (Do not hit save and continue, do retake exercise)




and Computer #



mvesgarcia#__ (mvesgarcia7)



coca#__ (coca7)



mves#___ (mves7)






Identify an historical figure using the live binder and links below. You must be able to answer "How did this person impact the world?" before you begin your research! Historical Figures Livebinder


Historical Figures


3Download the  

  Historical Figures Research FormSave to the desktop.


4Research the life of the historical figure using a search engine: SafeSearch to find  appropriate websites to locate your information.



You are to do your research project in this order:


1. Word Research Form: Download Word Research form to answer all research questions.



2. PowerPoint: Create a PowerPoint using your research findings.



3.  Voki or BlabberizeCreate a Voki or Blabberize and use your PowerPoint as your script. 



4Glogster login: Embed your PowerPoint and your Voki/Blabberize into your Glogster poster. 


5. If time allows, create an iMovie with your information


Common Core Standards

7. Integrate and evaluate content presented in diverse media and formats, including visually

and quantitatively, as well as in words.

2. Integrate and evaluate information presented in diverse media and formats, including visually,

quantitatively, and orally.

5. Make strategic use of digital media and visual displays of data to express information and

enhance understanding of presentations.


• Students and teacher can use a class-created rubric to evaluate quality of research presentations. 

Voki/Blabberize Excel Rubric.


• Students and teacher can create a flashcard quiz from the students’ research. http://quizlet.com/_5ilf


For the week of March 18-21, 2013

Online St. Patrick's Day Quiz for KidsSt. Patrick's Day Fun! 







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