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Reference Tools







Reference Tools

(Reference Articles, Dictionary, Atlas, Almanacs)


(Links to Information Organized by Subjects)

  • Thesaurus—a great one 



  • All-around research site 


  • General info research 




  • Kids.net.au

Fact Monster

Fact Monster Reference

Dictionary, Almanac, Encyclopedia, Atlas

Citing Fact MonsterS



Cite your sources:




Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary

Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary

Kidspace @ Internet Public Library

IPL Kidspace

Kidspace @ The Internet Public Library 

Contains links to many websites for information organizied by categories

Awesome Library for Kids

 The Awesome Library


Directory of student subjects plus access to Google SafeSearch

  • Nova video programs 


  • Research—by grade level 


  • Research—chapters on subjects 



Visual Dictionary

The Visual Dictionary


Images...Animals, Human Body, Music, Plants and Transportation

Wikipedia for Schools

Wikipedia for Schools

Sources have been checked out; content arranged by a Title and Subject Index




Google Safe Search for Kids Directory

Google Safe Search for Kids and Teens DMOZ Directory 


Google Directory for Kids and Teens




Good kids directory for variety of subjects -


Caution:  Also has Kids Shopping Sites listed.




  • Science headlines—audiO 




Kids.govKids.gov - US Government Portal

Multiple links to government websites and other resources


Library of Congress

For Kids and Families


Copyright Friendly Resources (Tools and Content)



Copyright Friendly Resource List 



Link to ClassBrain Home



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