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Fifth Grade April 2014



April 28-May 2, 2014


Teacher Appreciation/Time/Mother's Day


TECH Teacher





TECH Student




TSW present All About Me glog to class.






Basic Glog tools

Search engines introduce InstaGrok



search engines to research information

Bib.Me to cite resources



A Glog with a civil rights hero (biographical glog)



A Glog using the online rubric online rubric 


NETS: National Educational Tech Standards 


external image useit.jpg

Technology Operations and Concepts

review basic tools in Glogster

external image makeit.jpg

Creativity and Innovation

TSW  create a biographical



Learning Sequence:

1. TSW login to their Glogster account and create a new glog using the "Historical Biography" template.

2. The requirements for the glog are listed on the student link side. 

3. TSW will use the following search engines:

Kidrex, Google Safe Search and InstaGrok. 

4. Remind students that each time they use a different site to get information they must cite that resource. They can begin a word document with the Bibliography started.

Student links we will use today:


1. First, decide what civil rights leader you will be researching. Use this list.

Civil Rights Leaders


Civil Rights Women Leaders


2. login to Glogster and create a new glog using the Historical Biography template. 


Glogster-Civil Rights Hero


Bib Me





Glogster Requirements:


1. Biography of Civil Rights Hero (Use Word to do this then copy/paste)

where were they born

early life

later life

2. Accomplishments 

3. How did they impact the world

4. Timeline of their events

5. Images

6. Cite your sources-use Bibme











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